Retaining Walls

Do you have uneven ground, ground that is not level or an embankment that is subject to erosion? Then you probably need a new retaining wall or need to fix an existing retaining wall. Durabay have been building retaining walls for many years and our expertise is unmatched.

Durabay can assist you with planning out the details of your retaining wall project, our designers and estimatorscan provide you with a tailor made plan based on your individual needs, including suggestions for drainage and footings, we will also recommend the best materials for the job.Durabaycan make a recommendation as to the benefits of using natural stone, bricks, concrete blocks or pavers, we have worked with a diverse range of materials and can deliver a retaining wall based on the quality and cost that meets your needs.

Whether your retaining wall project is a simple, backyard landscaping project, or very complex, maybe to level out a site for a commercial or industrial project, you can trust Durabay to deliver the best outcome for your project.

Regardless of the size of your property or land, Durabay will construct a high quality retaining wall that will best meet your needs.

Some common considerations that we make for any retaining wall project include:

  • We will help you to decide between bricksor block, based on aesthetics and cost.
  • Ensure everything is built according to engineering and council specifications
  • Retain soils from collapsing and erosion
  • Level out uneven ground
  • We use cantilevered footings
  • We can build retaining walls to create storage areas on your premises.