Home Renovation

Are you looking at renovating your house? Home renovations can be a bit of a minefield, there are lots of little details you may not have considered, or be aware of, these hidden nasties can not only blow out your schedule but also your budget. Instead of dealing with all the stress and pressure of managing your renovation project on your own, why not let Durabay who have over 20 years of experience in home renovations help reduce the pressure .If you have a vision for how you want your house to look like post renovation, let Durabay help make that dream a reality.

Durabay can assist you with drawing up plans, liaising with Council to get the relevant permits and approvals underway, we can assist you with surveying the site and estimating scope and schedule and the overall design and layout of your renovation

Choosing the right builder is a big decision and not something that should be taken lightly, ultimately track record and trust are two key factors, our team are available to discuss your project and to conduct a site visit, so we can estimate the requirements with you face to face.

Quality is another very important thing when it comes to renovating your home, Durabay have a broad skillset in construction projects, and can not only work on your house, but also landscaping, concreting, retaining walls and driveways, so we are in a unique position where we can manage your project end to end.

Durabay are experts in delivering the following services:

  • Home extensions
  • Knocking down walls and wall removal, to create open plan spaces
  • Pergolas, verandas, window installation and window removals
  • Roofs and Gutters
  • Driveways and retaining walls
  • Painting, plumbing and electrical
  • Building garages
  • Internal area waterproofing